Danger is in the sky

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Shawn is a resident of Ankeny, Iowa and has been involved in Dungeons and Dragons since 1993. His first introduction to tabletop-style play occurred with a popular title “Heroquest” earlier that same year, and during summer break his friend introduced him to Advanced Dungeons and Dragons.

They took turns playing a 1-person campaign and within a short timeframe he was completely hooked. 28 years later has done nothing to dull this passion and he has always heavily involved himself in enjoying, creating, and running high-fantasy content.

In the past several years he has been developing the realm of Kymoria and has completed his certification as a Therapeutic Game Master. Additional information about Kymoria can be found here. The purpose of pursuing the training in the role of a therapeutic game master is to educate himself in ways that he can make his table more inclusive, partner with counselors and therapists to run therapeutic encounters and interventions, and elevate his game design in a way that is considerate to others and ideally moves away from racist and bigoted trends.

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The island of Kymoria was a prison island, kept adrift in the astral plane. The island was locked away from the machinations of the evil denizens of the multiverse and a large set of elves and dwarves worked as guardians and gatekeepers of their world along with a few successfully-bribed brass dragons. Evil dragons, chaotic eye monsters, and many other powerful creatures were banished and bound to this island over the eons and the defenders of the island kept order by enforcing the law and culling the monstrous creatures as needed until the point where magic became chaotic and uncontrollable and the island ended up in the Plane of Water.

Separated from the Astral Plane, the island was ‘fed’ more and more denizens of evil. Sahuagin rapidly encroached on the island to try and take over this new, mysterious place. Humanoids from nearby settlements also moved in and begin populating the land as well. The island was now a place of war and death where the control held by the jailers came unraveled. During the time where magic unwove itself, the island flipped chaotically between the other elemental planes (Earth, Air, and Fire), which further morphed the land and invited other creatures native to those planes to set up residence. Kymoria, once a prison, was now nearly overrun and fast becoming a stronghold for all evil creatures. The dwarves were wiped out and the elves were entrenched in the forests on the west side of the island. The humans were self-serving and rarely obeyed moral law.

The final sundering of magic, with its essence intact once more, brought the island into the core elemental plane, far to the South of a major continent. This most recent shift also brought about a slight ripple where there are now echoes of the core elemental plane (that of shadow and that of light). Finally, back on the core elemental plane, many of the island residents begin pursuing a variety of plans to empower their gods (and themselves along the way).

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There is a lot of passion put into Kymoria. Below is a sample of the maps I've made for this content. You'll find 'world' maps, city maps, location maps, and battle maps. These will be used heavily during our sessions alongside musical tracks to help establish tone and mood. I have 5 - 8 page form-fillable pdfs that have nearly all the class/racial details outlined for you ahead of time. I promise that I've put just as much, if not more, effort into my NPCs and the lore of this world. I'm quite adept at improv as well and will happily tug on character background strings to help them feel like they belong here too!

Perils of Kymoria - Kymoria Island
PoK - Bristleburn City
PoK - Limping Pony First Floor
PoK - Fisherman's House
Golden Girls - House layout.jpg
PoK - Bridge in forest
PoK - Bristleburn City (Simple Legend - Disctrict Colors)
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Example Char Sheet pg2.jpg
Example Char Sheet pg3.jpg