Race & Class Combination  

Note: There are many additional races and classes beyond the ones that are listed here. However, the ones listed here are the playable race options that are available at The Tabletop Adventure. I curate this list from published core material from The Wizards of the Coast and a select few other sources. This list can expand as new source material is released and I would like to include it as an option.

Each Race and Class will have a very short description associated with each one. Just hover over each box in question to get more information (on mobile they should show by default).


If you're uncertain about what to play, then feel free to pick one at random! I won't be admonishing you for 'acting correctly' and when it comes time to use the character sheet I'll guide you on where to look and how to proceed. You'll pick it all up in no time!


This is a significantly shorter list to help ensure that you're not overwhelmed by the options. You'll find 6 of the 29 races that I offer as options below. For a more extensive list please check out the COMPLETE section.

Each Card will be broken into three sections

  • Race Name + Picture

  • Race Description (Simplified)

  • Race Traits (These are game related mechanics. If you are new to TTRPGs then you can just ignore this section completely. If you want to learn more about what a "+2 Constitution" or "Darkvision" is then you can look here or here.




Racial Traits

+2 Constitution, +2 Strength, Darkvision, Dwarven Resilience, Dwarven Combat Training, Dwarven Armor Training, Stonecunning

Bold and hardy, dwarves are known as skilled warriors, miners, and workers of stone and metal. Known as deep-dwelling dwarves of the high-peaks they make their castle beneath the stone of earth. 




Racial Traits

+2 Dexterity, +1 Wisdom, Darkvision, Elf Weapon Training, Keen Senses, Fleet of Foot, Fey Ancestry, Mask of the Wild, Trance

Elves are a magical people of otherworldly grace, living in the world but not entirely part of it. Elves are long-lived, storied, and cultured. Wood elves are in tune with nature to a high degree and tend to prefer natural environments over towns and cities.



Racial Traits

+2 Charisma, +1 to two other Ability Scores, Darkvision, Fey Ancestry, Skill Versatility

Half elves are a people of two worlds. As a people with no true homeland, they are found everywhere, on the roads, in various cities, and in the untamed wilds, where they seek out adventures and homesteads of their own. They are a versatile people.




Racial Traits

+2 Dexterity, +1 Charisma, Lucky, Brave, Lightfoot Halfling Traits, Halfling Nimbleness

The diminutive halflings survive in a world full of larger creatures by avoiding notice or, barring that, avoiding offense. A friendly people, they can fit most niches in a party. Lightfoot halflings are lithe, dexterous, and more adept at acrobatic practice than their more wide-footed kin. They are also the tallest subrace of halflings.



Racial Traits

+2 Strength, +1 Constitution, Darkvision, Menacing, Relentless Endurance, Savage Attacks

Half-Orcs are strong, tough, and harness powerful emotional capacity. They are a proud people, rarely back down from conflict, and are fiercely independent.



Racial Traits

+1 to All Ability Scores, Extra Language

Humans are the most adaptable and ambitious people among the common races. Whatever drives them, humans are the innovators, the achievers, and the pioneers of the worlds. With many aesthetic varieties, they can be found just about everywhere.


Note: The classes will be organized into 'builds'. D&D has classes that start off as a core class and then, at some point during their character development (most commonly level 3) they have the ability to select a sub-class from within the core class.


Fighter only has access to core Fighter skills at level 1 and level 2. For a traditional fighter you might consider Constitution and Strength as your core abilities. Good for getting into a scrap so you can deal damage and take the lumps.


At level 3 you have the opportunity to select a sub-class. Some of these sub-classes don't actually leverage Strength or Constitution as an important ability or they might require an additional ability that is otherwise minor to the other subclasses. The Eldritch Knight, for example, requires you to have a moderate to good Intelligence to make best use of the spells that this sub-class gains access to.

It would be pretty frustrating to pick a templated character sheet that doesn't let you grow into the sub-class you're interested in. Which is why you'll see some classes have multiple boxes. It emphasizes whether they are the standard build (and which sub-classes can be useful with them) or if there is a variant build where another ability is more important (and again listing the sub-classes that benefit from the variant ability).

It's a lot to consider. I'll reiterate that what you'll want to do is read a little bit about the class and don't worry about particular skills at this time. Every class is viable and can bring something fun to the table and if you have a session where a particular sub-class just isn't fun then we can coordinate and migrate your character over to another sub-class or class entirely or (and this is the preferred option) you pick a new class and character to try out during one of your next sessions.

There are some classes that might show up in the core errata from Wizards of the Coast but are not presented as options here. This was a deliberate omission and I will ask that you select from the options here and do not pursue an exception. For classes that are not from the core errata I can assure you that you will have everything you need on your character sheet to succeed with that character!

Easy Difficulty

Intermediate Difficulty

Advanced Difficulty

Classes will also be ranked with an easy to understand classification of being generally "Easy", "Intermediate", or "Advanced.

This ranking is used to measure how easily a beginner player can play the class without being overwhelmed with the mechanics that enables the class to perform as intended.

All classes have complexities, but some classes start off with a number of additional mechanics without giving you the opportunity to grow into your class and get a feel for things first.

Some subclasses will have (HB) next to the subclass name. This is to designate 'Homebrew' to help you identify that this class may have awesome and fun abilities that are of my own design and/or are heavily modified from a core class. Don't worry, they're balanced and playtested.

This is a significantly shorter list to help ensure that you're not overwhelmed by the options. You'll find 6 of the 135 subclasses that I offer as options below. For a more extensive list please check out the COMPLETE section.

Barbarian 1.png


(STR + CON Build (2 of 2))

Easy Difficulty

Barbarians are powerful warriors whose strength comes from their rage. They can be powerful attackers and excellent defenders for their party.


  • BERSERKER - The best form of offense is even greater offense. Battle-lust and frenzy are your namesakes.

A Berserker barbarian would be someone who uses their brawn to solve problems and overcome conflict. They aren't big and dumb, but will prioritize brutality and offense over finesse any day of the week.

  • TOTEM WARRIOR (BEAR) - You leverage totems for power. The Bear grants you resistance and health.

Think of a totem warrior as someone that tries to embody animal traits in a manner that resonates with them. This barbarian is T-O-U-G-H and can take a massive beating and stand through it all.

Fighter 1.png


(STR + CON Build)

Easy Difficulty

A martial character that uses their knowledge of combat to overwhelm their foes. They can operate as attackers, defenders and even supporters.


  • CHAMPION - Simple and straightforward, but unquestionably effective, Emphasis on critical hits.

A champion fighter is strong, tough and athletic. They wear heavy armor, they can use a sword and shield, a bow, or a huge two-handed weapon to devastating effect. The one thing they excel best at is landing critical hits more often as they level up (which also helps them really crank out lots of damage).

Ranger 1.png


(DEX + WIS/CON Build)

Easy Difficulty

Deadly at range and in melee a ranger uses their mastery of weapons and spells to control the battlefield. They excel at offense but can also defend.


  • MONSTER SLAYER - Heavy damage output against single foes and the ability to resist and foil their spells and abilities.

Rangers are survivors and eventually gain access to spells that can help them be better supporters, more versatile with controlling combat encounters by manipulating terrain, or piling on the bonuses to lay on the big hurt on the foe they are fighting. This build works best at range and most of its abilities are designed to give you bonus to damage when you do land a hit.

Rogue 1.png


(DEX + CON Build)

Easy Difficulty

Explosive damage potential combined with a wide swath of skills and abilities make a rogue a welcome addition to any party.


  • ASSASSIN - Masters of infiltration, disguise, and dealing high-damage sneak attacks.

This subclass really lives up to its namesake. They are superb at 'burst damage' which means that under the right circumstances they can unleash a torrent of damage dice every time they hit. They come with all the other good bits of detecting traps and being stealthy too.

  • THIEF - A master of using tools and items (including magic items) to overcome challenges quickly.

The thief has a lot of the damage potential of the assassin as well but exchanges some of damage capabilities for enhanced stealth.


Backgrounds help round out the overall character creation process by providing additional perks and some background/character building opportunities. Backgrounds will -not- be accounted for ahead of time in my pre-made characters. Instead, this portion will fall onto your shoulders (just a bit!) to finish up the character creation process. Some of that will be done during Session 0, but the rest should be done ahead of Session 0. I'll go over that in the last section on this page "Wrap up".

For this section, just select the background from the background summary that sounds interesting to you. It'll give your character a little bit of history and fun! You can say that you grew up as an Acolyte of the Dragon God Bahamut and that's why after every successful mission you give thanks. Or you could be a Pirate and you mention that being a Pirate is how you learned how to be a swashbuckler. Think of backgrounds as "how did my character learn how to become this class (or subclass)" or "how did my characters background influence them so that they pursued this class (or subclass)". Or just pick one at random!

This is a significantly shorter list to help ensure that you're not overwhelmed by the options. You'll find 4 of the 30 backgrounds that I offer as options below. For a more extensive list please check out the COMPLETE section.

Folk Hero

Folk Hero.png

Background Summary


You previously pursued a simple profession among the peasanty but something happened that set you on a different path and marked you for greater things.

Background Perks


  • None.


  • One Artisan Tool

  • Vehicle (Horse)


  • Animal Handling

  • Survival

Feature - Rustic Hospitality


  • One Artisan Tool

  • Shovel

  • Iron pot

  • Set of common clothes

  • Belt Pouch containing 10gp.



Background Summary


Distantly connected to family members who were estranged from your family your life gets flipped around when they include you in their will and an inheritance arrives at your door.

Background Perks


  • Any one


  • One gaming set


  • Survival

  • History

Feature - Inheritance


  • Your inheritance (A signet ring worth 70gp)

  • One gaming set

  • Set of traveler's clothes

  • Belt Pouch containing 15gp



Background Summary


You might be a pampered aristocrat unfamiliar with work or discomfort, a former merchant elevated to nobility, or a disinherited scoundrel with a big sense of entitlement.

Background Perks


  • Any one.


  • One gaming set


  • History

  • Persuasion

Feature - Position of Privilege


  • Signet ring

  • Scroll of pedigree

  • Set of fine clothes

  • Purse containing 30gp.



Background Summary


You've witnessed the migration of herds larger than forests, survived weather more extreme than any city-dweller could comprehend, and enjoyed the solitude it brought.

Background Perks


  • Any one.


  • One musical instrument


  • Athletics

  • Survival

Feature - Wanderer


  • Staff

  • Hunting trap

  • Trophy from an animal you tracked and killed

  • Set of traveler's clothes

  • Belt Pouch containing 10gp.

  Wrap Up  

I hope that this curated list was a lot easier (and a lot less overwhelming!) to navigate. The above classes might be listed as 'easy' but I assure you they are still a LOT of fun to play. 

There are still a few things that you need to do before Session 0. Please open up a text document (or find a notepad and pen) and work on answering these questions ahead of time. When you sign up for a session you'll have the opportunity to fill this information in (in addition to the Race, Class and Background information above). If you don't fill this in when you schedule a session I'll ask you about it at the state of the session. If any of these items aren't ready by the time the game is about to start then we'll just wing it. Your character sheet will still be 90% functional as you sort it out during the game.

  1. Your character's Name: (Just a first name, or even an alias/nickname, is fine)

    1. Character Name​

  2. Your character's Pronouns: (All pronoun variations are welcome)

    1. Character Pronouns - ​

  3. Any particular details about your character's appearance you want to share? (Not necessary, but will help you with visualizing your character and might help the other players envision your character too. Eye color, hair or scale color, being really tall or really little are good starting points)

    1. Character Description/Details - ​

  4. General Character Alignment (Choose the one that works best for you. Default is Neutral Good or Chaotic Good. I handle alignment with shades of grey. So, don't feel like this locks you into a specific style.)

    1. Lawful Good  |  Neutral Good  |  Chaotic Good  |  Lawful Neutral  |  Neutral  ​

  5. If your character plays a class or has a background involving a deity, which deity is it? Your character alignment doesn't need to match the deity alignment. (See list of options below. You can select this even if it isn't class/background relevant)

    1. Deity - ​

  6. Choose three languages from the list below if your background gave you additional languages (We choose more than the background offers in case your race/class already gave you one of them!)

    1. First choice of additional language - ​

    2. Second choice of additional language - 

    3. Third choice of additional language - 

  7. If your background gave you a tool of your choice to be proficient in then please choose three from the list below.

    1. First choice Tool - ​

    2. Second choice of Tool - 

    3. Third choice of Tool - 

  8. If your background gave you a gaming set or musical instrument of your choice to be proficient in then please choose three from the list below.

    1. First choice of Game or Musical Instrument - ​

    2. Second choice of Game or Musical Instrument - 

    3. Third choice of Game or Musical Instrument - 

Your character will start with 10gp in addition to whatever their background gives them. Purchasing things from the store is going to be a downtime activity unless the group specifically wants to pick up a particular item for the bounty they are pursuing.

At the end of each session you'll be asked what quality of living you'd like to pursue (as low as 2sp a night and as high as 10gp a night) for 3 days. So be sure to save some gold for this to avoid having to 'rough it' in the streets!


You can also work on your characters personality (Personality Trait | Ideal | Bond | Flaw) if you would like. However, this is not needed immediately and you can build this up as you play and learn about your character or work on it in your own time after learning a bit more about Kymoria.


  • AZUTH, god of wizards - Lawful Neutral Alignment - Knowledge Domain

  • CHAUNTEA, goddess of agriculture - Neutral Good Alignment - Life Domain

  • DENEIR, god of writing - Neutral Good Alignment - Knowledge Domain

  • ELDATH, goddess of peace - Neutral Good Alignment - Life and/or Nature Domains

  • GOND, god of craft - Neutral Alignment - Knowledge Domain

  • HELM, god of protection - Lawful Neutral Alignment - Life and/or Light Domains

  • ILMATER, god of endurance - Lawful Good Alignment - Life Domain

  • KELEMVOR, god of the dead - Lawful Neutral Alignment - Death Domain

  • LATHANDER, god of birth and renewal - Neutral Good Alignment - Life and/or Light Domains

  • LEIRA, goddess of illusion - Chaotic Neutral Alignment - Trickery Domain

  • LLIIRA, goddess of joy - Chaotic Good Alignment - Life Domain

  • MASK, god of thieves - Chaotic Neutral Alignment - Trickery Domain

  • MIELIKKI, goddess of forests - Neutral Good Alignment - Nature Domain

  • MILIL, god of poetry and song - Neutral Good Alignment - Light Domain

  • MYSTRA, goddess of magic - Neutral Good Alignment - Knowledge Domain

  • OGHMA, god of knowledge - Neutral Alignment - Knowledge Domain

  • SAVRAS, god of divination and fate - Lawful Neutral Alignment - Knowledge Domain

  • SELUNE, goddess of the moon - Chaotic Good Alignment - Knowledge and/or Life Domains

  • SILVANUS, god of wild nature - Neutral Alignment - Nature Domain

  • SUNE, goddess of love and beauty - Chaotic Good Alignment - Life and/or Light Domain

  • TEMPUS, god of war - Neutral Alignment - War Domain

  • TORM, god of courage and self-sacrifice - Lawful Good Alignment - War Domain

  • TYMORA, goddess of good fortune - Chaotic Good Alignment - Trickery Domain

  • TYR, god of justice - Lawful Good Alignment - War Domain

  • WAUKEEN, goddess of trade - Neutral Alignment - Knowledge and/or Trickery Domains

  • **GREATER POWER** - Any Alignment - Any Domain (The greater power is an unnamed deity said to weave all the gods, worlds and people together. Their actions are said to echo across the planes of existence and they are able to use anyone and anything as their vessel for communication.)


  • Dice set

  • Dragonchess set

  • Playing card set

  • Three-Dragon Ante set


  •  Bagpipes

  • Drum

  • Dulcimer

  • Flute

  • Lute

  • Lyre

  • Horn

  • Pan flute

  • Shawm

  • Viol


All Players know 'Common' no need to include this as an option

  •  ABYSSAL - Language of the Demons

  • CELESTIAL - Language of the Angels

  • DEEP SPEECH - Language of the Extraplanar Outsiders

  • DRACONIC - Language of the Dragons

  • DWARVISH - Language of the Dwarves

  • ELVISH - Language of the Elves

  • GIANT - Language of the Giants

  • GNOMISH - Language of the Gnomes

  • GOBLIN - Language of the Goblins

  • HALFLING - Language of the Halflings

  • INFERNAL - Language of the Devils

  • ORC - Language of the Orcs 

  • PRIMORDIAL - Language of the natural elements

  • SYLVAN - Language of the Fey


  •  Artisan tools

    • Alchemist's supplies​

    • Brewer's supplies

    • Calligrapher's supplies

    • Carpenter's tools

    • Cartographer's tools

    • Cobbler's tools

    • Cook's utensils

    • Glassblower's tools

    • Jeweler's tools

    • Leatherworker's tools

    • Mason's tools

    • Painter's supplies

    • Potter's tools

    • Smith's tools

    • Tinker's tools

    • Weaver's tools

    • Woodcarver's tools

  • Disguise kit

  • Forgery kit

  • Herbalism kit

  • Navigator's tools

  • Poisoner's kit

  • Thieves' tools

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